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Dr. Lloyd provides compassionate, personalized dental care in a nurturing, calm environment. Together with her experienced staff, she promotes oral and overall health through conservative cosmetic, general, and family dental treatment with an eye toward promoting prevention.

  Call now to make an Appointment.(919) 828-1001 or email and request an appointment and our receptionist will call you.

Over 16 Years of Experience as a General, Family, and Cosmetic Dentist

The friendly staff and Dr. Lloyd have built a reputation in the community for exceptional service, superior results, and outstanding quality of care. Patient satisfaction is at the core of this Raleigh dental practice, and  the entire staff is devoted to providing the very best experience possible whether you are a returning patient or a first-time visitor.


As a new addition to our 2014 Holiday Specials

(especially for all those “to be” Brides at the Holiday),

we are offering the


  • You may purchase them in any amount; we keep up with the details for you.
  • You get a Beautiful Gift Certificate  …  you  may present in person  …  or even mail.
  • We see
    • many Grandparents who worry about providing “preventative treatment” to grandchildren, (and children),
    • Parents who want their college student to NOT come home with a mouth full of cavities,
    • Friends who would like to give a “to be engaged friend” a gift of a beautiful smile for a Spring wedding,
    • Some good-hearted people just want to give someone in a nursing home a chance for treatment so their pain will not be so excruciating, (just a note – often their dental care is neglected)
    • Teachers who know a child (and teachers typically do…)who desperately needs dental care and cannot afford it,
    • and you know, if you have done the “angel tree” and “toys for tots,” perhaps you might want to give a certificate to the Cashier who bags your groceries – (she typically cannot afford dental care on her wages)
    • or gift anonymously.  We can help find the right person to help for you and send you a note once the services is rendered.

We are excited to provide this Holiday Gift!  There has been much research about the effect of GOOD ORAL HEALTH on a person’s general health  – and the diseases that are linked with problems that start with unhealthy teeth and gums.

 We think this can make a difference in the quality of a life.

And – ALSO, it never hurts to have a great SMILE!

Call the office  (919)828-1001 or email  and ask for more information.  More information will be forthcoming on the website soon!  Happy Holidays!


We are focused on delivering a more calm and caring office experience.  The newest modern enhancements in dental technology and procedures allow us to deliver outstanding, expert treatment.  If you are in search of a Raleigh dentist, look no further than the dental practice of Ashley Lloyd DDS PLLC.  We are conveniently located near Cameron Village, the Hayes Barton neighborhood, and Five Points, in the downtown area.

Ashley Lloyd DDS PLLC is located at 1330 St. Mary’s Street – Suite B30 Raleigh, NC. (See Map!), (located across from the Employment Security Office, near the corner of Wade Avenue)

Please call the office at (919) 828-1001 for complete details about our services, answers to your questions, and to make an appointment.

Our office hours are:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00am – 5:00pm.  Wednesday’s hours are  7:00am – 3:00pm.


If you are a first time patient, please go to our Patient Information Page where you will find forms and other details that will expedite your experience.  Thanks!

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